City’s well site plan offensive, distasteful

OlympiaMarch 18, 2013 

As a resident of Olympia for over 23 years, I am greatly distressed by the thought of these proposed renovations to the artesian well in downtown Olympia. This move is clearly an attempt to capitalize on one of the city’s biggest draws — the clean, pure water that flows freely from these aquifers.

After all, “It’s The Water” has been Olympia’s motto for as long as I can remember, and with good reason. But to exploit this fact amounts to turning this attraction into a tourist trap; a vile entertainment center.

This is not in the spirit of “Preserving Community Access to this Historic, Free-Flowing Water.”

Pingpong tables, really? I find this offensive and distasteful.

I am not against utilizing the funds that have been identified to create a welcome spot to gather and play. But there are other venues to realize this; closer to Capitol Lake or the farmer’s market, for instance.

Please reconsider alternate locations. This is our well. Leave well enough alone!

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