Abortion is wrong way to correct bad decision

OlympiaMarch 18, 2013 

Everyone from President Barack Obama on down says they don’t like abortion, but many see the right of a woman to choose as important. After all, they say, isn’t it just a tissue until after it is delivered and breathing and in the nursery?

Intuitively everyone knows that abortion is the wrong way to make up for a poor decision. The wrong party is being punished. With abortion there always seems to be at least one victim even if you don’t count the baby.

Gov. Inslee now wants to require insurance companies who cover maternity issues to be required to pay for the voluntary termination of pregnancy. If the governor is one of those few who likes abortion, then a bill that ultimately subsidizes abortion is right for him and the legislators who vote for it.

If he doesn’t like abortion, then he shouldn’t sign a bill that facilitates the practice.

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