One small boycott over meaningful gun issues

OlympiaMarch 19, 2013 

My neighborhood shopping center of choice has always seemed to represent good community values. Then last year they decided to put in a “gun room” (most likely to compete with the new Walmart next door). To make matters worse, they placed the gun supplies only one aisle removed from the toy department. That has changed everything for me.

The store no longer reflects what I consider strong community values. After the Sandy Hook school shootings, I have refused to take my business there. I would like to see passage of meaningful gun-control bills passed by our state and national legislatures, but as time goes on, it seems that those bodies lack the will or the backbone to stand up to the gun lobbies.

My boycott is small and I feel I am “tilting at windmills,” but I don’t have to seek the approval of anyone else to at least do something to resist the insanity that continues to engulf us as a society.

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