Solution to violence is more complicated

OlympiaMarch 20, 2013 

Gun violence is a complicated issue. I think some people are being overly simplistic about solutions and much too willing to limit one of our constitutional rights. The vast majority of gun owners are responsible law-abiding citizens, including those who are enthusiasts of military-style rifles.

A ban on so-called assault rifles does not address the fact that most gun violence is done with a handgun. And shotguns are arguably more lethal than either in close quarters. Background checks are important and there’s room for improvement there. As a society, we could do a better job with how we deal with mental health issues.

Some gun owners don’t secure their guns very well. Too many inner city youths join gangs and pack heat. Maybe we could use less glorified violence in the entertainment industry.

I find the push to ban certain rifles and features to be flawed, not to mention it doesn’t even address the root of the violence. It’s a complicated issue, so let’s not rush to restrict a constitutional right with an emotional solution whose effectiveness is questionable at best.

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