Cyclist OK with fee, not work on freeway

OlympiaMarch 21, 2013 

“Transportation proposal would add dime to gas tax,” (Feb. 21). The House leadership offers road-building by widening the interstate and projecting 50,000-plus jobs to benefit commuters at Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s main gate.

I am a cyclist and have lived in three American cities without an automobile. One, Portland, learned that freeway construction worsens traffic, discourages mass transit, contributes to environmental degradation and reduces quality of life. Portland now has light-rail connecting all four urban counties quickly and efficiently.

Last summer, an intrepid cycling friend convinced me to go on a two-day ride through our urban corridor.

I was astonished at the lovely lakes and pristine, old-world neighborhoods just blocks from Interstate 5 where the proposed construction would be.

This bill would require a $25 tax on bicycles sold for $500 or more. Sadly, my bike was stolen from Olympia Transit Center.

I would cheerfully pay $50 for a microchip and license identifying my bike and I’m sure other cyclists would, too.

Let’s keep our beautiful region livable for everyone.

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