Striking hospital workers welcomed back to jobs

OlympiaMarch 22, 2013 

As a health care provider and member of the medical staff at St. Peter Hospital I am proud to participate in the legacy of compassion started more than 150 years ago by a small group of progressive and determined nuns of the Sisters of Providence.

I am saddened by the strike occurring at our hospital. I know those carrying picket signs to be many of the hardest-working, caring and dedicated members of our team. They are the emergency room techs who help soothe a hurting child, the registration staff who admit anxious patients, the cafeteria employees who nurture hungry visitors and the housekeepers who maintain a sanitary and healing hospital environment.

These individuals work difficult hours, perform countless thankless tasks and do so with sensitivity and pride.

I believe the bold action taken by hospital employees arises from a threat to the security and safety of their families. Recent increases in employee contributions to health care coverage is a burden felt by all Providence employees, but has the greatest impact on those who are compensated the least.

I welcome my coworkers back to the work we value and do together. Ethics of excellence, respect and justice remain our guideposts in our common commitment to patient care. I hope for an agreement that sustains the health, wellbeing and financial stability of all St. Peter Hospital employees and their families.

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