Stop chest thumping over gun control laws

OlympiaMarch 23, 2013 

I can understand needing a gun for self-defense. I can understand needing rifles to hunt. I can even understand a gun just for target shooting at your local neighborhood range.

But it’s the forth reason often given that I don’t understand.

What I hear all the time is that, “We need to have our guns to guard against a corrupt government, a government we just might have to take back someday.”

If any of you identify with that last sentence, please tell me how you’d see that coming about, today, in real life. Tell me how you’re going to know when our government is corrupt enough for you to bust out your good old personal bazooka and go headhunting in our nation’s capital.

And what are you going to do to overcome some of the minor impediments you’re certain to bump into along the way? I’m talking impediments like, say, the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

So keep your first three talking points, if you must. But please, stop your chest-thumping, patriot delusion about being ready to take down a corrupt government with your private arsenal and AK look-alikes. It just makes you sound like you’re getting ready for another beer.

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