Hospital should provide affordable health plan

OlympiaMarch 25, 2013 

The community endured a strike involving one of its major medical facilities, but rest assured, there are no winners to be found.

One would have figured that if the hospital can afford to hire temporary workers and send mailings to their employees, they could have used that money more wisely bringing it to the bargaining table to lower the overpriced health insurance plan they are pushing to implement on their employees.

One needs to ask if the health care reform plan doesn’t go into effect until 2014, why are employers significantly raising health insurance costs on their workers now? Why are these employers unable to provide their employees affordable insurance when they’re self-insured?

Some clinics in this county have had no rate increase to their workers’ health insurance for three years, yet large medical facilities that self-insure seem to have a difficult time controlling their own costs.

Employees would like to spend more in our community, but with their health care plan so expensive, they have to choose between paying for overpriced insurance or contributing to their retirement fund.

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