America became great by series of wrongdoings

OlympiaMarch 25, 2013 

White settlers and their descendants, after cunningly wresting away Native Americans’ lands, perpetuated a mentality of entitlement, exploiting animals, minerals and vegetation in the name of unstoppable progress.

Some things should never have developed, or at least not with such magnitude as addictive prescription drugs, fracking, poisonous foods, FCC-approved TV programs, proliferation of firearms, etc.

The Second Amendment was to defend colonial turf against the British, who are now our allies. When Wild West outlaws become glorified in scores of Wild West movies, stereotypical actors such as John Wayne took part in wielding guns, making fortunes for themselves, instilling irrational obsessions in millions of viewers who equated guns with personal fortitude.

Degradation of women as forms of entertainment in violent video games exposed even little ones, robbing them of their innocence, desensitizing them, poised for cruelty.

As a society, have we no shame? Vietnam War horrors committed by the U.S. military continued into our 21st century neither endear us abroad nor constitute us as heroes.

The world’s greatest nation has come about by an ongoing string of wrongdoings, which peace-loving citizens try to offset with environmental activism, prayers and decency.

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