Punish gun criminals, not restrict gun sales

OlympiaMarch 27, 2013 

Two things about the March 17 article “Lawmakers get an earful” come to mind.

First, we see the democratic process succeed. The majority of our citizens do not want universal background checks for private gun purchases. Otherwise, the bill would have moved forward. That’s why it failed. Members of the Legislature did their jobs and represented the will of their constituents.

The second point is that fellow gun-rights advocates band together for political clout and form organizations like the National Rifle Associated to add weight to our wishes. The NRA is not any more evil (as characterized by Rep. Sam Hunt) than the organizations people formed to get our current president elected. Those groups reflected the will of their members, the citizens of this state and nation.

In closing, I say to our elected representatives it is past time to place greater emphasis on enforcing the laws already on the books and punish violent criminals, particularly those that use guns in crimes.

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