Medicare overcharged due to political dealing

OlympiaMarch 28, 2013 

I write concerning a bill I recently received for my broken leg. I will only have to pay a $20 copay for this $1,250 visit.

But my concern is why Medicare is charged so much for the Inline Cam Walker I could have bought on the Internet for only $49.99 had I known in advance that I was going to break a leg that evening?

I just read Steven Brill’s excellent article in the March 4 issue of Time magazine. He discusses how deals were made in Congress that enabled – or rather forced – hospitals to charge inflated prices for durable medical equipment. This is a good example of just the kind of shenanigans that explain why it is so expensive to get ill or have accidents in this country.

With Medicare’s buying clout, these prices should be much lower. I know that Medicare will pay for this extortion, but it galls me to be a part of such capitalist thievery simply because I am an older citizen.

I love my Medicare and feel that all Americans of any age should get it, but without the corporate/ congressional criminality.

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