Umbrella incident gives rise to many questions

OlympiaMarch 28, 2013 

In light of the recent panicked response to a man wearing a turtleneck and carrying an umbrella near a school, I have to wonder a couple of things.

1. How could any rational person mistake that combination for a so-called “assault rifle” and a man wearing a ski mask?

2. What sort of questions did the 911 operator ask the caller, or are they simply not trained to ask the sort of probing questions to discern between an umbrella or a rifle?

3. How much did this absurd response cost taxpayers, when a few probing questions or a dose of common sense would have prevented all this fear and panic?

I would like to see civil charges brought against whomever made this call, in hopes of recouping some of these expenses, and to drive home the need to actually think before making a call such as this.

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