Revoke radio licenses of right-wing owners

LaceyMarch 30, 2013 

I tried to listen to my favorite progressive radio station, AM 1090 KPTK Seattle and found that Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital bought Clear Channel and promptly replaced the state’s only progressive radio station with mindless sports broadcasting. However, right-wing stations spewing propaganda are hard to avoid.

The government (we the people) issues broadcasting licenses to these private stations. These licenses are supposed to be for the good of the public, not just extreme right-wing propaganda. If we lose the media to the far right, we lose a lot of our democracy. This is what happens in dictatorships and fascist governments. Since broadcasting licenses are issued to serve the public, we must revoke the license of these corrupt right wingers and bring back balance to our airwaves.

Now the Koch brothers want to buy good newspapers like the LA Times and turn them into far right propaganda machines.

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