End the tax breaks without state benefit

OlympiaApril 2, 2013 

Why doesn’t the Legislature have a contest to come up with a new tax? It appears they are only concerned with taxing the masses as evidenced by the proposed 10 cents a gallon on gas, increases on auto licenses, a tax on studded tires, a tax on electric and hybrid cars and possibly more taxes that I am unaware of.

If they would consider eliminating the tax exemption for those activities that are currently not paying sales/use taxes or requiring them to pay a lesser amount, they could possibly resolve the state’s budget problems. Wouldn’t it be nice if Boeing had to charge a small sales tax on aircraft sales? The legislators would probably cry “foul” because of the number of jobs Boeing provides and the impact on the state’s economy. Airbus is essentially Boeing’s only competitor and the purchaser pays the tax. The state exempts Boeing from charging sales tax but the tax exemption didn’t stop them from movement of facilities, so why continue the total tax exemptions?

We should be aware of how many activities in the state are exempt from paying sales tax and how much revenue the tax would generate if they were paying the tax.

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