Repeat a lie often, it sounds like truth

OlympiaApril 2, 2013 

The oft-repeated lie is often believed; the ethical truth is drowned out. So it is with two headliners: One, the Postal Service is going broke; and, two, Barack Obama created our huge national deficit.

The truth is that Bush’s Congress forced the USPS to fund in advance more than 70 years of retirement benefits, thus prepaying for employees not even hired yet. The USPS is solvent otherwise. No other entity has to do that. Why? The pro-corporate Republicans in Congress want to ruin our public service to allow further privatization, as with schools, prisons, etc.

The big increase in the budget deficit under Obama was an ethical act. The Republican deceit about the Iraq war began with its reasons, and continued by hiding the fact that GOP war hawks funded it with borrowing, a debt levied squarely on the shoulders of the middle class.

How? Borrowing the money while simultaneously lowering the tax rate to 15 percent for the rich meant that the debt was off the books (deceit) only to be paid later by us. Obama ethically put the war debt back onto the books, into the light, thus seeming to increase our debt, but not really. The GOP continues to blame him for their lies.

Tell Congress to stop the pre-funding requirement and to raise the income tax rate on the rich, so they pay their fair share of the war they sold us by deceit.

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