Fracking sand critics misplacing complaints

OlympiaApril 3, 2013 

I would like to respond to public comments on the port’s handling of fracking sand made at the Olympia Port Commission’s March 25, 2013, meeting.

Were the port to ban such imports in the interest of reducing climate change as some urged, it would be a violation of the interstate and foreign commerce clauses of the U.S. Constitution. Any ban on the importation of hydraulic fracturing supplies needs to be advocated in the other Washington.

Also, traditional farming and ranching uses as much water as fracking, so it is unfair for National Geographic (March 2103 issue, quoted by one protester) to suggest their way of life is better, especially since their predecessors destroyed the Native American way of life in the Dakotas.

In my experience as an oil company lawyer (which spanned 20 years and three continents), oil and gas workers are culturally more sensitive than most, because they are itinerant. Travel is fatal to prejudice.

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