Coal study is about ending bad practices

OlympiaApril 4, 2013 

I am so heartened to read that Gov. Jay Inslee and Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber have called on the federal government to study the full environmental impacts of coal export proposals here in Washington. Inslee has already worked hard to get approval for his Climate Action Plan this session, and I admire his efforts.

I’m not sure what President Barack Obama is waiting for to reject the Keystone XL project, but what Keystone is for the Midwest, coal export is for us Pacific Northwesterners, and we need as much help as we can get to prevent these dangerous, short-sighted projects from going forward.

As we approach the end of cheap and easy fossil fuels, the companies that have profited from those fuels are scrambling for ways to keep the money flowing, at the expense of our future and our natural environment.

We are also approaching the end of our environment’s capacity to absorb our carbon waste, but American politicians have been slow to sound the alarm. This is not a question of jobs vs. nature; it’s about leaving bad practices behind and adopting clean practices that will ensure our future.

Let our region set the standard for sound, ethical conduct, and may our federal government support our governors in their brave and forward-looking work.

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