Honor the Vietnam vets who challenged the war

RochesterApril 4, 2013 

In a March 20 article about Vietnam, a veteran of that war, Jan Scruggs, states that “Our purpose was merely to do what our country asked of it. And I think we did it pretty well.”

It is extremely unclear why Scruggs is proud of the fact that he, along with myself and hundreds of thousands of other military personnel, was part of an organization that illegally and immorally invaded another country, which resulted in the needless and unjustifiable slaughter of millions of Vietnamese.

I submit that the soldiers who should be honored are those who had the courage and wisdom to speak out against what the United States was doing to those wretched people. Unfortunately, the possibility that this will ever happen is slim to none because, as Scruggs notes, those soldiers did not do what their country asked of them. Rather, they had the temerity to challenge what the United States was doing overseas.

That type of activity which was carried out by those veterans will seldom be seen as being patriotic in this nationalistic country that we live in.

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