Pay attention people, and recycle plastic bags

OlympiaApril 5, 2013 

I read about Thurston County wanting to ban plastic grocery bags, saying that there are too many in local landfills. Are these people not looking at the bags themselves? All the plastic grocery bags that I’ve come across have the recycle number 2 or 4 in the triangle, which means they can be put in the recycle bins.

But even if they didn’t have the numbers, they could still be recycled at grocery stores.

When plastic bags first came out and you had a choice of paper or plastic, we didn’t have to pay a fee on paper bags then, so if this ban goes into effect, why would we have to pay these fees on paper bags now, if we happened to forget our reusable bags?

I feel it’s just another way of getting money out of you, that they don’t deserve.

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