Stop digging a hole by burning fossil fuels

ChehalisApril 9, 2013 

You are going to love the post-fossil fuel world. When we decide to break our addiction to oil and coal, we will be able to greatly reduce the wars for oil. We will have clean energy that does not expose our children to coal dust leaking from long, long trains hauling a toxic load through our communities.

The climate crisis can be minimized by mobilizing to create a sustainable national energy grid that does not create huge amounts of new greenhouse gases. The climate crisis is a jobs program. It’s not jobs or environment. It’s jobs and environment. When you are in a hole, stop digging.

The Port of Olympia is importing fracking materials that dig our climate crisis hole deeper. It’s time to start committing to the right jobs. I say no more fracking imports through the Port of Olympia.

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