Sheldon’s showers trump action on climate change

OlympiaApril 9, 2013 

I was pleased to see your editorial (“Put policy before politics with conservation bill”) of March 27, urging that the state Senate quickly pass HB 1017 – that handily passed in the House – for energy efficiency standards to cut pollution by nearly 300,000 tons annually while saving taxpayers millions.

This was something simple and straightforward – albeit small – that would be a small but real step to confront global climate change. One would think it a no-brainer.

Yet Sen. Doug Ericksen, chair of the Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee, refused even to call a vote on it after a hearing April 2, at which Sen. Tim Sheldon fretted that it might limit the amount of water available for his showers.

Climate change is certainly the No. 1 issue on the table for all of humankind, with our children’s and grandchildren’s future hanging in the balance. But the prospect that Sheldon fears having to abbreviate his leisurely shower is too horrible to contemplate.

So thanks, senators. Let’s avoid even the simplest, most minimal conservation strategies and continuing destroying the next generation’s prospects. First things first.

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