Bicycle riders help keep gas prices down

OlympiaApril 10, 2013 

A number of people have recently commented to me that they don’t like people bike riding on the street. The reasons are: (1) They’re in my way; (2) They don’t pay gas tax so they shouldn’t use my road.

Most of the same people also don’t like subsidizing public transit. I ride my bike and use public transit whenever I can to avoid driving my car.

Perhaps I save eight gallons of gas a week. This helps single-only-vehicle drivers because in a small way I help keep the price of gas a little lower than it would otherwise be. I also slightly decrease air pollutants and global warming.

The latest medical information finds a correlation between highly physically active people and healthier lives. An argument can be made that older bike riders like me will need fewer medical services during their lifetime. That means fewer baby boomer hits on the Medicare fund for doctors and the Medicaid fund for nursing homes.

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