Reader found shootout by lawmakers shocking

OlympiaApril 15, 2013 

I found the article about the “Annual Legislative Shootout” to be shocking. I wonder whether the people behind the guns in Columbine, Aurora, Paducah, Newtown, Phoenix, felt like Sen. Sharon Brown when she called it “a blast” and said “it was fun.”

To hear that our legislators chose to go to a shooting range to see how much fun it is to shoot guns is distressing.

Seeing guns as a fun family sport indicates our politicians aren’t paying attention to what is happening in this country. Adam Lanza’s mom saw it as a sport until he shot her in the head and then went to Sandy Hook Elementary to kill more people.

As more and more families acquire weapons to protect themselves, the number of deaths escalates. Children shoot each other accidentally. Family members settle arguments with a gun. The lonely teenager decides the pain of growing up is just too much to bear and takes that family gun and uses it on themselves or innocent bystanders.

In the light of all this, our legislators think going to a shooting range is as Brown put it “a blast.”

No wonder getting any gun laws passed is so difficult.

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