Obama and Inslee need to be held accountable

LaceyApril 16, 2013 

President Obama did not run for reelection on the issue of gun control. In fact, it was a complete non-issue because he knows better, politically, than to touch such a hot button issue. But then a crisis came after his inauguration and he has used it as a trampoline to push his ideology.

Of course, the media has fallen right in line. There is no questioning this political move. Instead they showcase how emotional he is about the issue on the nightly news.

Then there is our new governor and all the no-new-tax promises in his campaign. Once he gets in office, taxes will be going up and the government worker unions will be rewarded for helping him to get in office.

When are we, as citizens, going to start holding these people accountable? Set aside whatever side you reside politically and think of this rampant dishonesty by these people who are supposed to represent us, not rule us. Let’s all band together and hold these people accountable for a change.

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