Driving drunk turns vehicles into weapons

April 20, 2013 

When is enough enough? There have been at least two deadly accidents involving DUIs in the last few weeks ... the wrong-way driver on the 520 bridge who killed a woman on her way to work, and the man who plowed into people crossing a Seattle street, killing the grandparents and seriously injuring a baby and the mother. To me, it’s pretty simple: if you are drunk, get into a car and drive, you are operating a deadly weapon. The driver accused of hitting the people in the crosswalk has been charged with three DUIs in three months! His blood alcohol reading was 0.22! He allegedly had broken all of the rules of his probation for one of the previous charges.

What if one of the victims was your mother, father, child, baby? Stop and think. Do you really want to take that second drink and get behind the wheel? Addiction is selfish. Stop the killing!

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