Tumwater Conforming to rules is within reason

LaceyApril 20, 2013 

The article regarding those who propose shelters for the homeless that don’t require them to adhere to the rules imposed by the Salvation Army was educational to me in two respects. I had no idea that the Salvation Army offered such a comprehensive program for getting the disenfranchised back on their feet. Nor did I realize that their shelter occupancy was so low because they (gasp) impose rules. Imagine having to conform to rules just like the rest of us throughout society.

As long as there are those who won’t put forth the effort to succeed, there will be those who are relegated voluntarily to an unenviable life of camps and spare change. The concept of helping others is one we need to always remember, but there has to be a little quid pro quo to make it work. Publicly funded flophouses aren’t the answer.

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