Mas Sol music festival scheduled for June in Onalaska

The Chronicle (Centralia)April 21, 2013 

An annual music event shut down last year by Lewis County is in full groove and ready to return this year.

Mas Sol 2013 — which started as a reunion for students and alumni of The Evergreen State College — will return to Shady Grove in Onalaska in June, according to the festival’s Facebook page. In the past, the three-day event has been a permitting problem; organizers of the for-profit event, which attracts hundreds of attendees, the past two years did not obtain any permits.

This year, the county and the event organizers will sit down and hash out the details, Public Health and Social Services Director Danette York said.

County code requires a musical festival permit for music events that last more than four hours and are attended by 500 or more people.

“They say they have it at 499 people,” York said during a meeting Tuesday. “A reasonable person has to believe there are going to be more than 500 people in attendance.”

Of the 11,524 people invited on Facebook, 371 have indicated they will attend and 291 have indicated they might attend. According to county code, it’s unlawful to “advertise or publicly promote a music festival at which 500 or more persons can be reasonably expected to attend without having first obtained a provisional music festival permit.”

A secondary issue, according to York, is a large aluminum amphitheater constructed last year without proper permitting.

Organizers of this year’s festival said on their Facebook page that they will have a giant dome that is “completely wrapped around and soundproofed with a huge stage inside.”

The organizers’ reluctance to apply for permits may stem, in part, from the fact that permits carry restrictions — and additional expense.

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