Senate failed to heed will of majority

OlympiaApril 21, 2013 

T he United States Senate once again proved that democracy is a fragile thing, and that courage is discounted in that deliberative body. The vote on gun control legislation failed, even though a majority of the senators was in favor. The arcane rules of the Senate doomed any reasonable legislation on this issue. Senators in opposition were either frightened of being “primaried” or feared to heed the will of the majority of Americans on gun control, especially background checks. Some senators were brave enough to vote in favor despite being threatened with retribution by the gun lobby. The bare fact of it is that we are stuck with a fragmented set of gun control laws, ones that allow those who should not have guns to obtain them. Shame on those in the U.S. Senate who have turned their backs on the victims and families of victims of gun violence. Profiles in courage? Far from it.

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