Gardening shouldn’t be so noisy, polluting

OlympiaApril 23, 2013 

A fellow citizen’s recent disgust about roadside litter (demanding $1,000 fines) makes me repeat my similar environmental concern to steeply fine noise makers, who substitute diesel mowing with gardening, leaf blowing with raking, wasteful pressure washing (while many lack basic drinking water) with broom sweeping. Overuse of power tools escalates voices to shouts, and causes people to crank up radios to deafening volumes causing serious health hazards to our ears, lungs and nervous systems, not to mention depriving us of sleep.

Lawns, which are a British import, would be better replaced with controlled ivy or other ground covers, bark, gravel and vegetable beds to help reduce pollution from fertilizers and noise.

Futile repetition of anti-earth, anti-health practices are counter-productive in our struggle to preserve our environment for future generations. We either care about our detrimental impact on global warming and try to do something about it, or we don’t. Gardening is meant to be quiet and healing.

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