Letters There’s still time to do right thing on gun laws

OlympiaApril 25, 2013 

Ignore the stupid legislative rules and political party, there is still time for good men of conscience to do the right thing about the guns that daily kill us. Ignore the influence of radical gun lobbyists that has propagandized real sportsmen, just as religious fanatics brainwashed the Boston bombers. Gun zealots recite the false gospel of the NRA.

What elected representative can ignore that guns are daily killing us. How can those who are our neighbors have been persuaded by a stunt trip to a shooting range? Has the propaganda campaign of an unelected lobby for private interests convinced sportsmen that their rifles may be taken away or frightened homeowners to sleep with a Glock they really don’t know how to use under their pillow? What we do now will last long after the political motives have blown away?

It is not too late to do what good men know in their hearts is the right thing: impede the sale of deadly weapons that are only meant to kill us.

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