Reader is confused by Boston, gun laws

OlympiaApril 27, 2013 

Well now, the young Boston terrorist is captured. The trial will probably take at least three years, and will likely cost the American taxpayer a million dollars. And even if he is sentenced to death, he will probably survive at least another 10 years on death row (like Mitchell Rupe).

He would do well to request spending his time in prison in Washington State, like one of the California Hillside Stranglers, because we treat them so well.

And Joe Biden’s choice of weapon for home protection killed several right here in Federal Way. So, tell me how his proposed gun laws would have stopped that. Or the Newtown massacre for that matter.

Since the terrorist attacks that have most traumatized Americans have all been by Muslims, maybe we should require them to register into a national database. Makes about as much sense as the gun laws we’re proposing, doesn’t it?

Why don’t you check to see how effective gun restrictions have been in Chicago? Do you really think they work there?

Maybe someone needs to help me understand how gun control and justice really work because I’m confused.

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