Concerns about third-grade readers, bill about reading

OlympiaApril 30, 2013 

Is it no wonder that many high school graduates cannot read? I am referring to an article in The Olympian, 1 March 2013, requiring third graders to read.

A bill sponsored by Rep Cathy Dahlquist, House Bill 1452 requiring third graders be able to read in order to move on to the fourth grade. She said, before third grade students are learning to read, and after third grade they are reading to learn. I am wondering if the bill passed.

I know if I could not read in the third grade I would never have been advanced to the fourth grade. That was back in the days when we were not saddled with a dozen other classes that now fall under social studies, i.e. in some cases learning all about sex. Some time back I read in The Olympian that some third-graders were learning how to put condoms on cucumbers, and that DARE was a failed program.

I recently learned that during the first five years of my schooling, before I received my first pair of glasses, I was legally blind. I was so near-sighted that I could not see clearly beyond a few feet. I sat in the front seat at school and had to get up from my desk to see what was on the blackboard then return to my seat and write. I made it OK.

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