What would Kennedy think of this Congress?

LaceyMay 2, 2013 

A couple of questions for those in Congress and the state Legislature who blocked passage of modest, common-sense gun control: What is your political job worth to you? What is your integrity worth?

If you vote with courage and integrity, but against your party and against the NRA, are you willing to lose your political job because you did the right thing? Apparently not.

In 1957, “Profiles in Courage” by John F. Kennedy and Theodore Sorensen, described acts of bravery and integrity by United States senators throughout the Senate’s history who had the courage to cross party lines and/or defy special interests to do the right thing.

In my opinion, we now need a sequel titled “Profiles in Cowardice” to describe those who voted in fear of losing their political job, and who now justify their vote by repeating the lies and paranoia peddled by the NRA and the gun lobby. Good grief!

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