Taxpayers might object to Evergreen’s policy

OlympiaMay 2, 2013 

Recently, The Olympian reported that a blogger was forcibly ejected for attempting to take photographs at a workshop sponsored by the so-called Olympia Anarchist Convergence. Not only that, the blogger indicated his camera equipment, valued at $10,000, was stolen from him, and destroyed by being thrown off a third-story balcony.

This conference was held at, and under the auspices of, The Evergreen State College. I’m very doubtful the majority of tax-paying citizens in this state expect our publicly funded higher education institutions to be hosting anarchist workshops — in any event, not those put on by avowed anarchists.

The article does go a long way, however, toward confirming what I, and many others, have long suspected, that The Evergreen State College may be home to a substantial number of known anarchists.

Perhaps The Olympian could give us a little more information on the subject, like whether or not local law enforcement officials are following up on this matter?

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