Turn the refugees away; rein in State Department

TumwaterMay 5, 2013 

Yes the bombings in Boston, were both a tragedy and an atrocity. One bystander cried that “it isn’t supposed to happen here.” It can happen anywhere in our country. No place is safe anymore. The Trojan Horse is inside the gates.

So — who brought it in? Well, we can start with the empty suits in the U.S. State Department and proceed to the Immigration Department who have been bringing in “refugees” — for the last 50 years, from all over the third world — people who hate America and what it stands for. I believe it is called diversity, which mixes up people with no common culture, history or heritage.

So — that is supposed to make us a stronger nation? Our State Department has been running our country for the last 60 years. It was a major player in creating the United Nations at the end of WWII and has been a lapdog of that organization ever since it got us into the Korean conflict, the Viet Nam conflict and all the world’s dustups ever since.

Do we know what it is doing now in Syria or what kind of deal it is making with the North Koreans? I don’t believe so. All of our embassies and consulates are just processing centers for bringing refugees into the United States.

If we want to save money by sequestering, let’s start with those overseas operations and close them down. Let the refugees save their own countries.

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