Restraint bill approves of barbaric practices

OlympiaMay 7, 2013 

Yet again in the news – Marysville 2nd grader placed in closet room for timeout at school. That same week House Bill 1688 passed with Washington state schools and newspapers remaining silent. HB 1688 gives Washington schools a free ticket to isolate kids in a room or “any other form of enclosure, from which the student may not leave” ... like a locker or broom closet room.

The bill also allows restraints for students that “includes but not limited to metal handcuffs, plastic ties, ankle restraints, leather cuffs, other hospital-type restraints, pepper spray, tasers, or batons.”

My son was placed in an isolation room (not part of his IEP) on Monday. On Wednesday when massive bruises appeared on his neck and across his back, I questioned him and he finally broke down in tears telling me of this incident. I went to the school and showed the principal the bruises and days later the school finally reported the incident in a form of a letter to me, but not to the school district office.

If I put bruises like this on my son, CPS would have been contacted and I would be tossed in jail. These barbaric practices leave lifetime scars – no wonder kids do not want to go to public schools. House Bill 1688 does not scare you? Not my child? Think again.

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