Chehalis Man Wins Showdown on ’The Price is Right’

May 9, 2013 

Chehalis resident Bret Goss, a former Marine and current truck salesman, appeared on the game show "The Price is Right" Wednesday morning and won the Showcase Showdown.

His prize package included an outdoor fire pit, a trip to Iceland and a brand new Chevrolet Sonic car.

Goss’ total winnings amounted to $47,713.

When Goss was called to "come on down," he danced his way down to the stage to bid against three other contestants. He guessed the winning bid of $600 for a shuffle board, which was the exact value of the item.

"When I saw my name up there I said, ’I can’t believe this is happening,’" Goss said. "It is so cool being up there. Everyone is so jacked up."

Goss went on to win a patio set from the game "Now & Then" to earn a chance at spinning the giant wheel for a place in the Showcase Showdown.

Goss’s luck continued when he spun the wheel and landed on the winning "1.00" to enter the Showcase Showdown against a college student from the University of Southern California.

Before spinning the wheel, Goss bantered with host and comedian Drew Carey. Goss told Carey he had a kind face. Carey replied, "Thank you, I make a living off of it."

Goss, 44, watched the episode Wednesday morning with his wife, Tina, and daughters Molly and Lilly from his home in Chehalis. He said his family regularly watches "The Price is Right" and he has always wanted to make it onto the show.

"Now it’s a reality," Goss said.

The brand new Chevrolet Sonic car will be shipped in the next five to six weeks, Goss said. All the other winnings will be delivered within 90 days of the show’s airing.

Goss said his family has to take the trip to Iceland within one year.

Goss said he had to pay more than $18,000 in taxes from all of his winnings.

On April 1, Goss traveled to Los Angeles for his birthday and waited in line outside the CBS Bob Barker Studio before being selected to compete on the game show.

"When you enter the studio the colors are real vibrant and you realize the stage is smaller than it appears on television," Goss said. "The key to getting on the show is interact with everybody."

Goss is the second person in his family to win on "The Price is Right."

His mother, Darlene Goss, won a dining room set on the game show 20 years ago. He said the family still uses it.

His appearance on television is also not a first for Goss. He was on an episode of "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel last November. He sold a bowling ball replica of the one used in the movie "Kingpin" for $50.

Goss said nothing compares to winning on "The Price is Right."

"When we drove off the lot after filming the show, we asked ourselves, ’Did that really happen?’" Goss said. "Now we have a car, a trip and a backyard to die for."

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