Gun control statistics are being overstated

SheltonMay 10, 2013 

I just finished reading the letter to the editor by Deea Niemi. The writer claims 800,000 US citizens are killed yearly. Since the writer was writing about gun control, I assume the writer was claiming these citizens were all killed by guns. When gun control started getting attention awhile ago it was alleged only about 150,000 people were being killed. This time it is 800,000.

I really do not know how many are killed each year by guns but I doubt it nears either of these numbers. If it were 800,000 it would mean more than 2,190 people killed by guns each and every day. Or on average over 43 people killed in each state every day.

Maybe 100 people killed by guns would be too many. Twenty-six first-graders sure is. If writers want me to believe that they know what they write about, come up with some stats that are believable.

Otherwise if the writer would leave out the gun control part, the letter has something to say. We are losing our freedom very fast.

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