Hospital costs are rising because CEOs overpaid

OlympiaMay 20, 2013 

The high cost of health care will not come down with health care reforms implemented by President Barack Obama. Health care costs are high because CEOs overpay themselves and financially loot their corporations.

If you are going to address the high cost of health care, start by completely altering the delivery system. There is a serious problem when you have people in your community with no health care. You have moms with sick children who can’t afford to take their child to a hospital. We have people living in the streets of our communities while one health care system takes out millions of dollars to pay top salaries. And people wonder why health care costs have risen?

When one CEO gives himself a 50 percent pay raise and earns multimillions, you wonder why health care costs have risen. Health care costs are rising because CEOs are paying themselves more and charging the public higher prices.

Board members of health care corporations rubber-stamp everything because they were appointed to the board by the CEO. To control health care costs, start by changing the delivery system. Cap CEO pay. Limit boards to three years and boot them out. This is what reforms should address.

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