Our faith in government being tested by scandals

WinlockMay 21, 2013 

Benghazi? The American people are still waiting for the truth about what actually happened and who was involved. However, the Obama administration now has two other scandals on its ever-increasing plate of self-inflicted distractions. Who knew the IRS was targeting conservative groups for suppression and when did they know it? We also have just been informed that the Justice Department under Obama has been intercepting constitutionally privileged communications from people in the press.

Add these to the Solyndra scandal, allegations of political bribery in Obamacare and donor scandals such as Jon Corzine and a pattern begins to emerge despite the best efforts of the accomplice press. The pattern begins to add substance and credibility to the allegations that the Obama White House thinks it is above the law, above oversight and above responsibility for actions and activities under its watch. The American people deserve better than this. We deserve the truth and accountability. Left, right or center matters not.

What matters is the people’s faith in their government, a faith which has been sorely tested in recent years.

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