Campfire treat goes gourmet

It’s difficult to not like a ‘sandwich’ secured with toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate

The Associated PressMay 22, 2013 

Three simple ingredients: a marshmallow, a piece of chocolate and two graham crackers. The symbol of summer and campfire snacking.

And there are so many possibilities for jazzing it up. Once you have a toasted marshmallow, you can sandwich it between all kinds of cookies, crackers and the like. Or you could swap out the basic chocolate for something a little more over the top, perhaps something with bacon or candied ginger embedded in it. And don’t overlook gourmet marshmallows, which come in some wonderful flavors.

And don’t hesitate to jam other ingredients in there, too. Liven up your s’mores with:

 • Thin pretzel sticks

 • Dried fruit (such as cherries and pineapple)

 • Sweetened, shredded coconut

 • Thinly sliced strawberries or apple

 • Maraschino cherries

 • Slices of banana

 • Thinly sliced brownie or cake (as an additional filling, not in place of the graham crackers)

 • Potato chips

See Page C2 for four more ideas to get your creativity flowing.

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