Lessons learned from off-leash dog attack

OlympiaMay 27, 2013 

I had a very unfortunate incident recently while walking my dog on a trail near my home. My small leashed dog got attacked by a large off-leash dog. I have learned a lot since then.

First lesson: Just because your dog doesn’t look hurt doesn’t mean it’s not hurt. It wasn’t until the next day at the vet’s office that I found out my dog had three puncture wounds that have required drainage tubes to be surgically inserted.

Second lesson: Always get contact information if people are willing to give it. I am not sure if they would have given it to me, but I wish I had asked. I wish I could contact them, so they were aware of the seriousness of the attack.

Third: Have a practice of not allowing unleashed dogs to approach your dog, unless you have contact with the owner and have given permission. To dog owners, please use a leash, it is a rule that keeps us and our pets safe.

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