Cherry-picking data is a dangerous game

OlympiaJune 11, 2013 

In a recent letter to the editor, soils scientist Ken Schlichte agrees with the official NOAA National Climatic Data Center data indicating that temperatures in Washington have been trending downward for a number of years. He admits to being a climate change denier. But while NOAA states the temperatures in Washington, as well as in a number of other areas around the world, have been decreasing, NOAA also says the global temperatures for the past 30 years have been increasing.

Perhaps when one is on one side of the political spectrum it is OK to cherry-pick data. But the scientific opinion on climate change, held by the great majority of scientists who work in that field, is that the climate is warming globally, and there is more than a 90 percent probability that humans are causing most of the warming.

As one climatologist said to me, there is a small chance that climate change is not caused by humans, but what if we are causing it and we do nothing to avert the adverse effects it will cause?

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