Lacey student marks five years of perfect attendance

Staff writerJune 12, 2013 

Sixth-grader Mackenzie Campbell said she’s not going to let anything stop her from getting to school on time Thursday.

“I’ll camp at the school if I have to,” the 12-year-old said smiling.

That’s because it’s the last day of school and she doesn’t want to ruin her perfect attendance streak of five school years without tardies, absences or early dismissals by her parents at Pleasant Glade Elementary School.

Every year, the nearly 600-student school in Lacey has five to eight students with perfect attendance.

Some kids are able to keep that record a year or two.

But five?

“We couldn’t think of anyone else who has that kind of record,” said principal Bruce Walton, who has led the school for six years. “We think it’s awesome.”

Campbell said some of her classmates think it’s easier for her to keep a perfect attendance record because her mom, Tamara Campbell, teaches fourth grade at the school. But mom disagrees.

“I think it was her dedication to just make it happen year after year,” Tamara Campbell said. “She would always get herself up and get herself ready. She never was sick. … I definitely haven’t had perfect attendance.”

Campbell’s last absence was Feb. 13, 2008. She said it’s an easy day to remember because she missed her first-grade class’s Valentine’s Day party.

“She actually was very sick with a fever,” her mom said.

Tamara Campbell said she and her husband are very proud of Mackenzie, and their younger daughter, Avery, a fourth-grader, who just earned perfect attendance for the first time, too.

She said the family always tries to get dental, orthodontist and medical appointments for their kids in the late afternoon after school.

But she attributes Mackenzie’s impressive record to perseverance and responsibility.

“It’s a lifelong skill to be on time to work,” Tamara Campbell said.

Mackenzie will attend middle school next year, and she said she plans to continue making it to school on time every day.

“I just want to see how long I can keep it up,” Mackenzie said.

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