Hazardous waste hot spots near Littlerock cleaned up

June 13, 2013 

LITTLEROCK - Two hazardous waste hot spots near Littlerock have been cleaned up and are ready for removal from the state Department of Ecology’s hazardous waste site list.

The 44-acre site along Halo Kuntux Lane near Littlerock were used by Hytec, Inc., in the 1970s to bury fiberglass waste and polyester resin from its former manufacturing plant in Tumwater.

One of the sites was contaminated with naphthalene, lead and semi-volatile organic compounds above the state cleanup standard in the soil and groundwater. The other had levels of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons above cleanup standards for groundwater, as well as unsafe levels of lead in the soil.

The property owners removed some 5,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil and debris, filled the area with clean soil and sampled the soil to make sure it was clean. Groundwater was monitored for one year and revealed no contaminants above state cleanup standards.

Ecology is now asking the public to comment on a plan to remove the two sites from the state hazardous waste list. Comments will be accepted through July 15.

“Removing a site from the hazardous sites list is always a big accomplishment,” said Rebecca Lawson, Ecology’s regional manager for the toxics cleanup program.

Public comments should be directed to Mohsen Kouredahr, Washington Department of Ecology, Southwest Regional Office, Toxics Cleanup Program, P.O. Box 47775, Olympia, WA 98504-7775. Or contact Kouredahr by phone at 360-407-6365 or email at mohsen.kouredahr@ecy.wa.gov.

Documents related to the cleanup can be reviewed at the Tumwater Timberland Regional Library, 7023 New Market St., Tumwater.

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