In recognition of our divine source

June 15, 2013 

This spring has been especially beautiful. The year is moving to its brightest hours.

The days are longer and nights shorter — the sweet, sweet summertime is almost here.

Many of us are spending as much of our time outdoors as we can, perhaps gardening, or hiking and biking.

Perhaps we enjoy the early evening breeze sitting on a porch watching the sunset, and recognize how wonderful life truly can be.

Perhaps the lightness of this time of year simply fills us with positivity and an increased sense of well-being.

No matter how we respond to this glorious time of year, when everything glows with life and warmth and almost every seed planted sprouts, we are reminded of the goodness of life.

What a perfect time to allow the warmth and light of the approaching summer to remind us that “all is well.” All is well because all is God — created out of the divine presence, and that presence is the essence and form of all that exists.

We each live within the glorious warmth of the divine presence.

It is our source and is ever available to us.

That source is the universal mind, the medium, out of which the entire universe has manifested.

We each use that mind every minute to co-create our own lives. We use that mind through the focused attention of our thoughts as we consciously change our beliefs and set our intention.

Every thought, every action of ours occurs within the divine presence.

What power we each access with every thought and every feeling!

We use this divine power of mind to create and can change our lives through conscious intention. As the old Microsoft Windows advertisement used to ask: “Where do you want to go today?” Each of us can choose greater experiences of love, joy, wisdom, harmony, beauty, prosperity and greater cooperation with this presence within.

As we bask in the light and warmth of this spring, let us remember to consciously harmonize with the divine presence within us, calling on all the Divine qualities to inform our lives, hearts and minds.

The Rev. Libby O’Day is the community spiritual leader of the Center for Spiritual Living, Olympia. Perspective is coordinated by Interfaith Works in cooperation with The Olympian. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by Interfaith Works or The Olympian.

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