Let’s all pledge to act on climate a day a week

OlympiaJune 16, 2013 

This letter is not addressed to climate-change skeptics, but rather to the majority of us who believe climate change is real but who, like me, have a hard time acknowledging it. I write as a longtime resident of Olympia, living for one year in London.

From my international perch, I’ve had an epiphany: the vast majority of countries on this planet — and the people inside them — are powerless to do something significant about climate change. The major emitters, China, India, and the U.S. must step up. You and I have no power over China and India, but we are a mere click or two away from choosing from an array of things, from the personal to the political, to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Let’s face it: climate change is depressing and hard to think about. But I have a modest proposal and possible way to begin. What if we each agree to think about climate change, starting one day per week? For example, I can take Mondays, some of you Tuesdays, Wednesdays. You get the point. So, for example, every Monday, I vow to do something, hopefully many things. It would at least be a start. And these choices would, over time, influence the other days of our week.

I’ll take Mondays. And you?

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