Why don’t we help oppressed in West Bank

OlympiaJune 16, 2013 

Citizens all over the world wonder how is it that the United States can go to war to liberate the Iraq people from Saddam Hussein, then celebrate the overturning of the Egyptian leaders, followed by the civil war in Libya that killed Moammar Gadhafi, and now is supporting the ouster of the leader of Syria. They wonder how it is that the overthrow of the governments in these countries is supported, assisted and celebrated, by America, but the overthrow of the occupiers of the West Bank and Gaza Strip is not supported. Don’t we want oppressed people to have the right of self-determination, freedom and governance? We can’t control the entire region, but we can help the population of the West Bank and Gaza achieve self rule, independence, and statehood. It is in the best interest of America, and the region, to help the Palestinian people achieve independence.

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