Legislators are turning their work in 63% late

LaceyJune 17, 2013 

The 2013 Legislature has failed to provide the governor with a budget within their dedicated time frame. For the fifth consecutive year, a special session is needed for them to finish their job. Our 105-day session has worked its way up to a 165-day session.

If NASA was sending a shuttle to the moon and overshot their target by 63 percent, people would lose their jobs. If you have a house fire and the local fire department took 63 percent longer to get to your humble abode, you’d be out for somebody’s hide. If the local Burger King cooked your Whopper 63 percent too long, you’d be gnawing on a Whopper jerky.

The library charges you for returning a book late. In all forms of today’s society, deadlines are established and parameters developed which guide our everyday lives. Occasionally an extension is needed because of situations beyond our control, which is understandable. When extensions become the norm, as with our elected officials, change is in dire need.

I’d like to offer you one solution. Before I cast my ballot last November, I took the voters pamphlet and put a big red X over the face of every incumbent. Regardless of your political persuasion, I encourage you to vote for somebody running who represents your opinions and is not 63 percent overdue.

Washington needs to make a statement and hold the Legislature accountable.

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