Olympia police serve warrant at troubled Boulevard Road residence

Staff writerJune 17, 2013 

Properties which have sat in the 1500 block of Boulevard Road are now in the sights of the City of Olympia's code enforcement dept. as neighbors nearby may finally see a resolution to ongoing issues there.(STEVE BLOOM/staff photographer)

Olympia police arrested three men at a "hazardous and unsafe" Boulevard Road residence Friday night where neighbors have complained of suspicious activity and landlord neglect.

Olympia police arrested the men at 1527 Boulevard Road while serving a search warrant in connection with a stolen vehicle and stolen property investigation, Olympia Police Department spokeswoman Laura Wohl said.

Shawn Eads, 39, was arrested there on suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle. Thurston County Superior Court Judge James Dixon found probable cause to support the allegations during a court hearing Monday and ordered him held at the Thurston County Jail with bail set at $2,500. Dixon said in court that Eads has at least 34 prior convictions, nine of which are theft-related.

Also arrested at the Boulevard Road property were Troy Porter, 24, on suspicion of possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and Nicholas Porter, 31, who lives at the 1527 Boulevard Road address, according to jail records. Dixon found probable cause to support the possession of a stolen motor vehicle allegation against Troy Porter and set his bail at $2,500. Nicholas Porter was arrested on a warrant issued by the state Department of Corrections for an alleged violation of his conditions of release, according to jail records.

According to court papers:

Olympia Police Officer Sean Lindros learned during an investigation Thursday that Troy Porter might be involved in some recent burglaries. Lindros also learned that Troy Porter had recently told someone that he had used stolen credit cards to purchase items at the Lacey Walmart. Lindros later recovered keys to a stolen Honda that had been seized from Troy Porter's possessions and collected into evidence at the Nisqually Jail during Porter's recent arrest there. The stolen Honda also was located at the Red Wind Casino. A Red Wind Casino security camera captured images of Troy Porter pulling into the lot in the stolen Honda, exiting, and going inside.

Troy Porter also has a lengthy arrest record, including three arrests for theft in 2009; and a 2010 arrest for possession with intent to deliver a synthetic narcotic.

Troy Porter and the two other men were located at the 1527 Boulevard Road address when Olympia police served a search warrant there about 10:30 p.m. Friday. Eads was placed under arrest when officers checked the license plate numbers of the vehicles parked at the address and discovered a blue Ford Expedition being driven by Eads had been reported stolen out of Pierce County.

Wohl said Monday that Olympia police also seized suspected stolen property from residential burglaries at the 1527 Boulevard Road address.

A couple who live on Brown Street behind the 1527 Boulevard Road property said earlier this month that they are concerned because the landlord has failed to maintain the residence and a group of adjacent properties there. The couple and another neighbor also complained about suspicious foot traffic in and out of the residences.

Suzy Yi, the landlord of the properties at 1519, 1521, 1523 and 1527 Boulevard Road has been sent a notice by the city of Olympia notifying her that those properties are "hazardous and unsafe." The "notice of violation" letter dated May 22 states that the roofs of all four properties are in disrepair, causing water damage, and that the exterior siding of the buildings is falling apart.

If Yi fails to fix the properties, Olympia can prosecute and fine her under its municipal code, according to the letter.

Olympia's head building official with code enforcement, Tom Hill, also has said that ultimately, if Yi does not fix the properties, Olympia can condemn them and order them torn down. If 60 days have passed since the May 22 letter was sent and Yi has taken no efforts to repair the properties, the city can move to condemn the properties and "abate by demolition," Hill said in an interview earlier this month.

Hill could not be reached for comment Monday. Yi has said in a prior interview that she is working with the city to come up with a solution, but she declined to comment further.

Friday's arrests follow a "knock and talk" operation by the Olympia Police Department at Yi's Boulevard Road properties on May 16. During the May 16 incident, Olympia police arrested one man on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine and unlawful possession of a firearm. A second man was arrested there for a misdemeanor violation of a no-contact order.

Olympia police stated in court records that one of Yi's Boulevard Road properties is occupied by a subject with "an active felony warrant and a history of narcotics involvement."

Neighbors of the Boulevard Road properties in question have stated that OPD's activity in the neighborhood has increased as citizens have voiced their concerns.

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